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Winter School



Process and Petroleum Engineering Winter School

February 4-13, 2019



- Getting Introduced to novel techniques and technologies in Process and Petroleum Engineering

- Getting familiar with the activities and scientific achievements in PGU

- Visiting selected giant or medium gas and petrochemical plants

Who can attend?

Postgraduate students of the following disciplines can attend the PGU winter school:

- Chemical Engineering

- Process Engineering

- Petroleum Engineering

Venue: Faculty of Petroleum, Gas and Petrochemical Engineering (FPGPE), Persian Gulf University, Bushehr, Iran



Day 1: Registration and Opening

- Presentation 1: Dean of FPGPE Faculty

- Presentation 2: Director of International Affairs and Overseas Students

- Presentation 3: Gas Condensate Research Group

- Presentation 4: Membrane Research Group

- Visit to Faculty Laboratories

- Technology Innovation Workshop at Persian Gulf Science and Technology Park (PGSTP)

- Visit to Bushehr Old Architecture

Day 2: Parallel Sets of Sessions Run by the GCRG

Set A: Process Simulation and Modeling

- Introduction to Process Flow Diagrams

- Introduction to Process Simulation

- Introduction to Process Simulation Software (HYSYS, ASPEN, ProMax)

- Introduction to General Procedures of a Process Simulation

- Working with examples

v Heat Exchanger

v Column

v Amine Plant

v …




Set B: Reservoir Simulation and Modeling

- Basics of Reservoir Simulation

- Commercial Reservoir Simulation Software (CMG, ECLIPSE, MRST)

- Static Modeling

- Dynamic Modeling

- PVT Modeling

- Working with Examples


Day 2 and 4 Morning (SMTRG): Introduction to Membrane Technology and Application

- Materials (Polymers, Ceramics, Metals, MMMs, TFC, ….)

- Synthesis (Phase Inversions, IP, Melting, …)

- Characterizations (SEM, DSC, TGA, GPT, AFM,….)

- Applications (RO, UF-NF, MD, MC, SLM, PV…)

- Mechanisms

- Challenges (Conc. Po., Fouling, Aging, Temp. Pol….)

- Processes and Case Studies (Hybridization, ….) 

Day 3: Advanced Laboratory

- Introduction to HSE Regulations and Requirements

- Introduction to Selected Hi-Tech Facilities:

o   DLS, Zeta Potential, BET, Rheometry, …

- Testing with Selected Hi-Tech Equipment (Assisted by Laboratory Technician)



Day 2 and 4 Afternoon (SMTRG): Advanced Membrane Laboratory Experience

- Flat Sheet Membrane Fabrication

- Gas Permeation Test

- Contact Angle Test

- Pure Water Flux Test

- UF Performance Test

- HF Spinning

- MD Rig Run

- MC Rig Run

Day 4 Morning: Advanced Reservoir Engineering Laboratory (GCRG)

- Diffusion Coefficient

- Core Flooding


Day 4 Afternoon Parallel Sessions:

Process Simulation and Modeling Continued (GCRG)

Reservoir Simulation and Modeling Continued (GCRG)

Days 5-6: Industrial Visits and Workshops

Days 7-8: Visits to Shiraz and Persepolis


Registration Fee: 500 Euro per person (covering food, accommodation, domestic transportation by bus, industrial tour and cultural tour.)


Contact Person: Ms. Zohreh Farmani,

Email: fpgpe@pgu.ac.ir;  

Mobile Phone: +98937996139


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